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Your login can be in 1 of 3 formats:

  1. username@yourdomain.com - Please note that this is not the same as your email address. Users can only have one username but can have many email addresses pointed to one user.
  2. WIN\username - The internal Windows domain for your shared Exchange account is "WIN".
  3. emailaddress@yourdomain.com - This can be any email address associated with your user account. We will look up your user account for you and as long as your password is correct, pass the correct user account on your behalf. Please note that depending on how your account is configured, logging in with your email address may not work with ActiveSync mobile devices.

OWA Web Mail
This is the default option, select this if you wish to login to your email account and check your emails.

Account Management
Select this if you wish to change things about your account. You can add or remove email addresses, set up a recovery email address and more.

This is a public or shared computer
Select this option if you use Outlook Web App on a public computer. Be sure to sign out when you've finished and close all windows to end your session.

This is a private computer
Select this option if you're the only person who uses this computer. Your server will allow a longer period of inactivity before signing you out.